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Mr. Wilmoore, “Nigger” (“Nigga”) is A Derogatory Term No Matter Who Uses It

May 8, 2016 by  
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…….If it is revolutionary to be self-determinant and not acquiesce to labels born out of a derogatory historical context to oppress, terrorize, and control your people, then accepting the word “nigger,” born from derogatory intent, indicates one of two things about its user to those who will benefit from the user’s continued oppression; the person using it 1) is mis-educated as to the word’s historical development and to the historical development of self and/or 2) has low-self esteem. Either way the use of the word “nigger” indicates, to those who will benefit from the user’s oppression, an easy target for further oppression and manipulation (i.e. you don’t see Jewish folk or white folk using and producing products that perpetuate the use of words such as “kike,” “white trash,” “honkie” as terms of endearment). The term nigger is not and should not be “changed” to obviate the need to address the underlying problem of low self esteem of it’s users. It is like trying to provide an opiate to a lost generation by saying that your reality of oppression, signified by the use of “nigger,” among other things, is relieved because you should change the term and accept it as one of endearment and therefore you can avoid the responsibility of dealing with the historical hostility to color and cultural differences in this country. Not so. The term nigger is, as it has been always meant to be, derogatory. When Carter G. Woodson wrote the Miseducation of the Negro he was referring to this very same expression of historical ignorance displayed and made evident by the continued use of “nigger” directed at the historically oppressed of this country. So now the members of the younger generation of the historically oppressed are taking on the methods and means of the oppressor, as predicted by Willie Lynch, by using the word nigger mainly directed at their own brothers and sisters who look like themselves; that is those who the word was coined to oppress. The way the word “nigger” is being accepted and used today signifies a new lost generation of oppressed Black African American and Caribbeans living here in the United States and the continued submission of their intellectual capital that Carter G. Woodson warned against;”the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppresser is the mind of the oppressed,” a major indicator of which acquiescing and adopting the oppressors label certainly makes obvious.
Nowadays, to make a feeble attempt to address this issue, they are parading folk all across the media, because maybe they themselves have exploited the controversy over the use of the word “nigger,” as “experts”. Some of these pseudo-intellectuals say that “it depends on how the word is used.” No, you “f—ng a–holes,” and I mean to use that term very positively, if ever one could, the proper evaluation of the affect of words is their etymology which first considers their coinage and affect on communication. “Nigger” by any other use is a historically derogatory term and remains so.
Words are extremely powerful forms of communication. Those “simple sayers” who claim such issues are “semantics” or “it depends on the use,” have no clue and are extremely dangerous for some who would be mis-lead by their pseudo-intellectual vitriol…I dare say that is why they are being paraded by the media as “experts”: that is, for bare entertainment rather than helpful information about the use of the derogatory term “nigger.”
Critical to this analysis, is a consideration of the power of words. When wise men throughout history say the “pen is mightier than the sword,” “the first casualty of war is truth,” or “the media are considered the fourth arm of the government,” how can you actually believe someone who downplays the derogatory term “nigger” by saying that “it depends on how it is used,” “we use it as a term of endearment” or “we’ve turned it into a positive word?” Really? I guess that in itself, like the use of the word, “nigger, ” tells me more about the person saying it than what is being said….the negative and derogatory word “nigger” should not be used and left on the side of the highway of progress.

Your Brother In Struggle
Laurence Legall Taylor
Vice President
The Institute for “Interracial” Harmony, Inc


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