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How Racism/Colorism Destroyed the Conservative Guard of the Republican Party

July 17, 2016 by  
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Before Obama took office, his first term, the old racist conservative republican guard acquiesced to the reactionary element in their party and vowed to stop or delay every policy flowing from the administration whether it was good for the country or not. This was obviously fueled by the country’s historical untreated hostility toward dark skin color known as racism/colorism. During the administration there were many “firsts,” other than America electing its first Black African American President. Well you knew what was in store for the First Black President, when during a speech one of the Congress members heckled him, calling him a liar, which happened to be the first interruption of its kind of an American President’s speech in history. Another first during the Black Presidency, as a result of racism/colorism, cost the country more than 24 billion dollars as a result of the republican congress refusing to act to pass a budget, which halted the President’s ability to pay bills, thus shutting down the government for a couple days and essentially allowing threats to downgrade the government’s credit rating to haunt the processes of government for the first time in its history. Even late in the President’s term the “do nothing” republican congress refused to have a hearing for his Supreme Court nominee, a simple yes/no vote, again holding true to their vow of denying Obama’s ability to run an effective and efficient government for the first time in history. They just didn’t want the Black guy in office calling the country’s shots. The pathology of racism/colorism usually stems from a deep seated emotional insecurity, effects of which usually transcend logic, policy, and all other thought processes. It is more an emotional response to the observation of skin color and cultural differences, repercussions of which have devastating and profound consequences in all areas of people activity. So here you have the conservative part of the republican party virtually powerless against the rising tide of the most volatile reactionary elements of the “Republican Party” which galvanized popularity in the 2016 republican primaries in the form of Donald Trump taking full advantage of Republican’s doing nothing during the last 8 year’s as a result of racism/colorism. To the Black community and communities of color who are the historically oppressed, Trump, with his obvious code words; “take back America” “make America great again” represents the racist/fascist reactionary element of the once conservative republican party. To the old racist republican conservative guard Trump represents the most raw form of reactionary/fascist elements which appeal to the most racist, violent collective in this society and ultimately its end. This, surely unintended, republican power shift changes the methodology of influence over the party from covert racist/colorist influence of various policies to overt, brash, in your face, reactionary racist/colorist policies. Indicative of untreated racism’s double edged sword, it not only destroys its victims, it has always had devastating affects on the perpetrators but in order to see that you have connect the dots; society’s cancer that has unintended destructive outcomes that usually cost all involved. This cancer, which the country is in detrimental denial of its existence, is now eating away at the republican party from the inside out and it’s affect is indicated by Trump supporters now spewing vitriol targeted at the old republican conservatives saying that they sound like “democrats” which now has them running for the Hill(ary)s. Thus at the root of this destructive power shift is the country’s racism/colorism…wonder what tune the political pundits will use to dance around the issue that has caused such a fracture between the factions of the republican party. The next move has forced the billionaire Trump to throw a “Pence” in the direction in an attempt to buy the support of the conservative guard. However the conservative guard of the republican party is still at the mercy of its racist/fascist reactionary element waiting to be foreclosed on.


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