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Preferred Status of White Skin Color Fueled by Society’s Racist/Colorist Conditioning

August 19, 2016 by  
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America’s first black flight attendant once stated to me “the quaint conceit of white men is everyone wants to be white men.” This is indicative of what is driving racism in American society today. Examples of the outcome which provides fuel for the incidents which are indicative of the interplay between racism/colorism and the preferred status of white skin color. A couple of incidents come to mind but one stands out in particular; out of South Carolina caught on social media while the world watched a white male cop attacking a young black girl in her classroom.
The preferred status of white skin color conditioning to which the observers on social media caused the perverse tweeting of opinions, blaming the victim; “should respect authority,” “my kids would never have to worry about that because they respect authority.” This got my particular attention because here was an individual with white skin color stating this and a thought raced through my mind, yeah he is right because in this country, his daughters would not have to go as far as having to respect authority to avoid such a severe beating from law enforcement that this young black girl endured; the preferred status of white skin color, at the basis of this country’s historical hostility toward dark skin color, ensures it. It is often seen as arrogance in other countries of color and can be very dangerous to the safety and well being of those who hold this quaint conceit. However it can turn into deadly circumstances for those who are targeted by individuals who have been conditioned by this preference, especially when mixed with the potential of making a life and death decision.
Countless have suffered fatal decisions tainted by the bias that comes from this preferred status of white skin color not for it to be identfied, addressed and treated effectively as a major cause of of the targeting of people with dark skin color. Many studies have been compiled about the outcomes of such tainted decisions.
This false sense of security provided by the preferred status of white skin color conditioning is only one side of the double standard of this society’s racist/colorist conditioning which must be addressed if the society is ever expected to progress into the 21st century.


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