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The Double Edged Sword of Racism/Colorism and the Preferred Status of White Skin Color in Policing Causes Harm to Both Officer and Citizen

August 19, 2016 by  
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The affects of racism/colorism and the preferred status of white skin color are on two sides of the same double edged sword. The double standard that is, sometimes, unknowingly, applied by those of us who have been conditioned by this racist/colorist society to one degree or another affects performance in all areas of people activity and in some circumstances has fatal consequences as continuously seen with interactions between law enforcement and the community.
Critical to the analysis of the profound affects of both racism/colorism and the preferred status of white skin color is a clear understanding of what they are. Racism/colorism is a pathological response to skin color and cultural differences; it affects emotions and, depending on the level of exposure to society’s conditioning, often times transcends logic and thus affects an individual’s performance regardless of training in other areas. The preferred status of white skin color, on the other hand, is similar in that the observer erroneously makes a judgment on his/her well being and relaxes protocol and training when white skin color is observed.
Now here you have police officers who, no doubt, are conditioned by this racist/colorist society; if they are human, issued a firearm and authority to interact with America’s diverse communities. Both racism/colorism and the preference toward white skin color conditioning continue to be systemattically, unacknowledged, ignored and untreated. Is it any wonder why the tensions and distrust are extremely high between these communities and law enforcement? However, the specific cause is always missed, not adequately addressed and society goes back to business as usual; to an uneasy ceasefire at best. Some liken it to a powder keg, with the fuse quietly burning away toward the inevitable.
In the example of the police officer, the rules of engagement and training when approaching a vehicle during a routine traffic stop are relaxed as a result of the observance of white skin color because of its preferred status and thus putting the officer’s life in danger because of these relaxed standards.
On the otherside of the double edged sword, as a result of being conditioned by this racist/colorist society, police officer’s pathological responses to dark skin color differences causes an over reaction and thus causes training and protocol to be pushed aside resulting in often fatal consequences for the driver. Untreated racism/colorism and the preferred status of white skin color conditioning can stump the training of a police officer and have the consequences of a double edged sword being swung at all involved in an interaction between law enforcement and America’s diverse communities. If left untreated, unfortunately, the kind of outcomes where either police officers or citizens, majority of the time Black African Americans, will continue to be victims to this deadly double standard.

Therefore we continue to encourage the use of the racism/colorism quotient test and discussion program as an agent for change to that culture in law enforcement across the country.


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