Prejudice Is Learned:
It Can Be Unlearned

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The Psychology Behind The Demand For National Racism/Colorism Testing (of Police Officers) in the U.S.A by Carol Taylor

July 10, 2016 by  
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……In the face of the kneejerking denial with which most individuals greet the issue of racism/colorism, a mechanism for resolving possible attendant blame or guilt had to be formulated, so as to clear the way for the facilitation of non-threatening interactive dialogue in public forums.

The mechanism/tool is the Program with follow-up Ethnotherapy where individual responses to difference in culture and skin color are dysfunctional.

To deal with as complex and thorny a social problem as racism (we call it more accurately ‘colorism’ since there is but one race and all colors of huemans belong to it – “many colors – one race”), it was necessary to utilize such a tool with which every individual was at least minimally familiar. Anyone having gone through even limited formal education has been exposed to some sort of testing, so that ‘shared experience’formed one step in the process of bringing hueman beings together and persuading them to acknowledge some of their ‘sameness.’

Our ultimate goal in promoting the continuous administration of the Program, with follow-up Ethnotherapy is, not so obvious to most people, the diametric opposite of that war-mongerers. Perhaps somewhat idealistically, we feel that when individuals can acknowledge the inter-relatedness of each other, and are not afraid for their own survival, wars might finally be considered unnecessary.

Our fervent disagreement with current systems of purported ‘education’ lies in the disgraceful omission from curricula of materials covering the true history of the Black African origin of huemanity. In other words a gigantic hoax of incalculable damage has been perpetuated – and still extant – against millions of students – Black, Yellow, Red, Brown, Olive, and white – who have never been taught in their formal education exactly who were their most distant, original ancestors.

This glaring untenable omission/suppression/repression has caused interminable and widespread confusion, abject ignorance and all too often the actual taking of lives. It is not necessary here to enter into a litany of resultant riots, upheavals, lynchings, beatings etc. however, because of the aforementioned mis-education of the masses, individuals are let loose in a world comprising three-quarters population of people of ‘color,’ without knowledge that, as the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota ‘Indigenous’ folk say, “Mitakuye Oyasin, we are all related.”

So, as our motto at the The Institute for “Interracial” Harmony, Inc. goes, “Prejudice Is Learned: It Can Be Unlearned.” One of the ways to ‘unlearn’ what we’ve been taught by concerted and purposeful omission, is to be given the opportunity to self-evaluate, to explore and question our thinking, about people which almost everyone of earth’s societies has traditionally placed on the bottom rungs of their socio-economic ladders – people of ‘color’ (MUST we always accept ‘white’ as ‘the norm?” Those bottom rung folk are almost always invidiously-comparably-described ‘darkest’).

Where all of this ‘color-rating’ started is nearly, for our purposes, irrelevant – the important thing is to deal realistically with such inherited dysfunction and to involve individuals in ridding themselves of such hamstringing discriminatory negatively thinking and practices.

We consider that non-colorist thinking and behavior are commensurate with being a mentally healthy, rational hueman being an that the ongoing usage of the Racism/Colorism Quotient Testing ( is the way to peace on this planet which is populated by a majority of people ‘of color.’


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