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It Can Be Unlearned

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As any savvy corporate executive will probably attest - it is becoming increasingly more important for the personnel of their organization to be sensitive to the needs, Read more»



The RQ Test that you sent to me provided an excellent measure from which to dialogue with my Mental Health Team with regards to racist - Asante Sana!-


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Sir Dr. James L.K. Gong, born in China, Master Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist, Qi-Gong Specialist, President of the Acupuncture Association of ... Read more»

Diversity Program

As any savvy corporate executive will probably attest – it is becoming increasingly more important for the personnel of their organization to be sensitive to the needs, feelings and treatment of employees (as well as their customers) who come from diverse ethnic backgrounds. This is particularly true with regard to hiring and firing practices as well as intra office behavior and attitudes especially in light of the new Supreme court rulings and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines which set extremely high standards of reasonable care for an employer to prevent harassment and discrimination in the work place.

The United States Supreme court issued rulings from the bench, in Burlington Industries, Inc. v. Ellerth, 118 S. ct. 2257, Faragher v. City of Boca Raton, 118 S. Ct. 2275 (1998), that paved the way for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to issue guidelines that employers must use to avoid liability for the harassment of a company employee by their Supervisor. Essentially the eclectic mandate says in, not so few words, that a business must exercise and show reasonable care to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace in order to avoid full liability for damages inflicted on an employee by one of the company’s Supervisors. The Supreme court in both Ellerth and Faragher, sets a high standard for the employer’s responsibility by attributing liability vicariously to the employer for the harassing and discriminatory actions of its employees.

Interaction between employees and employers, and agents thereof, which involve “racial” and ethnic overtones, slurs, opinions and/or negative remarks often sets the tone for the escalation into hostile work environments and eventually leads to liability for the employer. There are many advantages to harmonious, interpersonal practices in the workplace among employees who learn to understand, appreciate and respect the culture and life style of those different from themselves. Fairness, consideration, respect and harmony are the keystones to running a productive business. It appears it would behoove a company to not only hire, open-minded, non-prejudiced personnel, but to maintain regular meetings, conferences, seminars and/or forums that would deal with the ethnic or “racial” atmosphere in their company to ensure the continuous smooth operation of their business. This is not a procedure that can be done in one fell swoop. It would need to be re-enforced at regular intervals until it becomes a part of the company structure and nature.

Our Racism/Colorism Quotient Testing Workshop Program is a comprehensive and practical program that can be used as an effective tool to promote diversity in the work place. The Program begins with our internationally recognized Racism/Colorism Quotient test. The employees are encouraged in a non-threatening setting to take the test, score it and have it evaluated confidentially. After the tests are evaluated there is a discussion which is encouraged by our staff Psychologist. The discussion in the proper forum encourages individuals to open up and discuss issues of race, color, racism and colorism which they may believe they don’t normally face on a day to day basis and therefore might mis-handle many situations involving these issues. Not only will the program make the work environment conducive for growth, efficiency and productive relationships, but it provides the employer with professional, preventative measures and options to avoid costly liability.

Our program is geared to provide a vehicle to promote diversity in the workplace thereby giving the employer the options it needs to not only avoid full liability if a tangible employment action should arise but also gives the employer a tool to forge and encourage long lasting and productive work relationships within the environment. To review more information about the R/CQ Test please click on the captioned text above or to engage our Counselors for an initial workshop to get started on or to improve your Diversity Program please Click here: