Prejudice Is Learned:
It Can Be Unlearned

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As any savvy corporate executive will probably attest - it is becoming increasingly more important for the personnel of their organization to be sensitive to the needs, Read more»



The RQ Test that you sent to me provided an excellent measure from which to dialogue with my Mental Health Team with regards to racist - Asante Sana!-


Board Of Directors

Sir Dr. James L.K. Gong, born in China, Master Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist, Qi-Gong Specialist, President of the Acupuncture Association of ... Read more»

Racism Test

Thank you for Choosing to take the “Racism”/Colorist Quotient Test.

You are about to take steps to combat the “racist”/colorist conditioning to which we have all been exposed. The “Racism”/Colorism Quotient Test has been designed to determine the relative degree of “racism”/colorism within an individual.

Be sure that all test answers and scores are kept confidential so that you can feel comfortable being yourself in answering questions honestly.

We are not here to blame or demean anyone. We at the Institute believe that all of us have been conditioned to one degree or other by this “racist”/colorist society and it is only healthy if one is doing something about overcoming that negative conditioning.

We are here to work with those who are progressive like yourself and who recognize the impact that systematic “racist”/colorist conditioning has had on all of us and,indeed, all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war).

We invite you to take the Test now. Download your score and be on the lookout for the date, time and location where the Institute For “Interracial” Harmony, Inc. will be holding non-threatening forums where you and others can discuss Test results and lessening the impact which untreated “racism”/colorism has on society.

What ethnic background do you consider yourself to be?

After you select the TEST button below you will be able to take the test. Choose only one answer-the one which most closely mirrors your feelings. Be sure to answer each question because unanswered questions will lower the score.

Racism Test